The other day Alice and I visited a new store in Easley, SC which sells new looms, accessories and yarn. It is a great place. I thought the juxtaposition of the tulips in front of the fiber piece on the wall worked well together.Go visit even if you are not a weaver (yet).

Weaving and Loom ShopEasleyAlice's Friend01052019 (33).jpg

Patterns and Geometrics

We were driving around and I found this  corner of a parking deck with its basic geometric patterns softened by the curves of the railings, The soft, subtle colors of the aging concrete highlighted by the lights adds to the impact of the images.

greenvillegspairport12242018 (1)greenvillegspairport12242018

Artists’ Tools

This was a great display of tools for artist to use to make art. By themselves the tools, no matter how expensive, do make art, the artist  makes the art, jhut like the camera and software do not make photographic art, the user behind the behind the camera and computer or in the darkroom makes the art.

New MexicotripArtisan Art supplies09162018 (4)New MexicotripArtisan Art supplies09162018 (8)New MexicotripArtisan Art supplies09162018 (6)

Why ?

AS you probably know, I enjoy looking down occasionally find the debris there has both great details and lager patterns. The color seems to interfere with the overall criss-cross patterns of the image, so I prefer the black and white image.

cTrip,AlPacolet08312018 (12)Trip,AlPacolet08312018 (12)