From the Deck

Last night Alice and I went on the deck after she saw the moon. She pulled out her cell phone and I ran to get my camera. The first two images were fairly standard with flash used in the first image which I ultimately prepared as a monochrome. The second is the straight moon image and the third I pulled the camera down after the flash went off. Fun things happen by accident.

BWHomeDeckmoon04082017 (2)HomeDeckmoon04082017 (8)HomeDeckmoon04082017 (10)


I saw some things on the way to the Gunter Theater that I was compelled to photograph. When I looked at them in Photoshop I realized that they worked for me as well in color as black and white, or, maybe, the other way around. In both images, the color has a certain interest for the color itself and the black and white brings out the patterning and rhythms of the images.