Walk in the Woods

These are from Al’s and my walk pin the
Connestee Nature Park. The toning is via the Palladium Tone filter from the TLR Digital Black and White Toning Set which may no longer be available. Started to play with it and for me it gives a rich, warm feel to the images.

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Greenville Center for Creative Arts

Here are some unpeopled views inside the old Brandon Mill, now the Greenville Center for Creative Arts. I love the large spaces with sparse furnishings.There are also artist’s studios in the building as well as a connected loft type housing development.

GreenvilleBrandon Mill SCCCAWilly and Akice1958GreenvilleBrandon Mill SCCCAWilly and Akice1960GreenvilleBrandon Mill SCCCAWilly and Akice1966GreenvilleBrandon Mill SCCCAWilly and Akice1946GreenvilleBrandon Mill SCCCAWilly and Akice1953GreenvilleBrandon Mill SCCCAWilly and Akice1969