Roadside Tangle

When we ride around I see all sorts of things like old buildings covered by kudzu, interesting especially in winter when the leaves are gone and there is only a tangle of vines. The old garage  is across the street from a stream which is also uncovered by loss of kudzu leaves.


Around the Farm

Old farms have great, old outbuildings, weed growth and undisturbed dandelions. I love the blues and greys of the barn side and the weeds growing alongside adds touch of color. The old barn also is a container of history and I imagine the people who used it. The large green leaves on the rusted barrel top and the vines growing growing up the side of the barn are kind of like music. Finally, who can resist a dandelion in full seed ready to parachute off to the next field ?Shoot with Al in Country-128 Shoot with Al in Country-126 Shoot with Al in Country-131 Shoot with Al in Country-140