Complex Weavers South East Gathering

It is always fun for me to meet Alice’s weaving compatriots. This time they  they were hosted by The Yadkin Valley Fiber Room/Yadkin Cultural Arts Center, Yadkinville, NC.  The meeting and the town were great for photographs and I met some neat people. My first post is of the weavers in a class taught by  Lesley Killeen. I missed the other two lectures, one by Alice and the other by Su Butler. But I went for the photographic opportunities. The Cultural Arts Center is a great addition to the town. The surrounding area is becoming known for its wineries, therefore the last image. There will be more to follow.

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Alice and I

Here are some of the things we do, like spinning (Alice) and cluttering the house with speakers, the pictured speakers being open baffle using good but inexpensive drivers. My buddy Al and I did the project in his workshop with my encouragement, as I am a total dud with woodworking.They sound really good compared to their competition, namely various expensive radios. They lack the tonal extension and power handling capabilities of my Morrison Audio speakers which are my reference speakers but do capture the openness and clarity very nicely.