More of the Wanderings of Al and Bruce

You will recognize the lily pond park and the bare trees from previous posts. Some of the black and white images have more power to me than their color counterparts while some of the color images speak to color. The black and white of the leaves has a nice silvery delicacy Which I cannot the color version does not, though with enough work, it could be delicate in color. I will work on and may share it.

PondLiliesAl05262016 (37)bPondLiliesAl05262016 (30)PondLiliesAl05262016 (30)PondLiliesAl05262016 (24)bPondLiliesAl05262016 (21)Al TripFarm PondTrees, Reflections05262016 (13)Al TripFarm PondTrees, Reflections05262016 (2)