The other day Alice and I visited a new store in Easley, SC which sells new looms, accessories and yarn. It is a great place. I thought the juxtaposition of the tulips in front of the fiber piece on the wall worked well together.Go visit even if you are not a weaver (yet).

Weaving and Loom ShopEasleyAlice's Friend01052019 (33).jpg

Conversation Equivalents

These images from our yard reminds me of conversations the way the objects interact. Some are sort of one to one conversations, like the first one. The second is a sort of happy. expansive conversation with self and the third is a kind of a noisy meeting.

homeshadowsplants07252018 (3)homeflowersbackyard07252018 (2)homeflowersbackyard07252018 (4)

Walk in the Woods

These are from Al’s and my walk pin the
Connestee Nature Park. The toning is via the Palladium Tone filter from the TLR Digital Black and White Toning Set which may no longer be available. Started to play with it and for me it gives a rich, warm feel to the images.

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