Downtown Liberty, SC

Dining in small towns can be an adventure and we went into Yank’s Place with some trepidation but the food was simple, well-prepared and tasty, another great surprise while driving around. We will try the bakery soon.

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NYC Discovered

I put a memory card in the reader today and damned if I did not find some “lost”  NYC images. I remembered having taken them but when I gathered my memory cards from the trip, they did not show up. Well, here they are.


Dining Out

A few days ago we took our grandchildren out to eat at Vito’s Pizzeria on Wade Hampton Blvd. in Greer. SC. of of our favorite restaurant. Great food, fun atmosphere and at this meal good company. Karl and I sat opposite the ladies so we are not in the picture.

Alice, KarlVito'sPizza06022016 (1)Alice, KarlVito'sPizza06022016 (4)

The Cosmic Diner

There are many gem-like places to eat in NYC, some elegant and fancy and others plain but with excellent food. We found that our “regular ” meals were best taken at the Cosmic Diner. The food is great there, the service excellent and the prices reasonable. Try it when you are in NYC.


12 Bones Barbecue Restaurant

After a morning of shooting it is time to eat and the 12 Bones restaurant in the River Arts District of Asheville is the place to go. This is the best barbecue ever. Besides the barbecue is an abundance of stickers and doodads.

Asheville Graffiti with SIG-55

Asheville Graffiti with SIG-046 Asheville Graffiti with SIG-048 Asheville Graffiti with SIG-050-Edit-Edit Asheville Graffiti with SIG-053 Asheville Graffiti with SIG-057 Asheville Graffiti with SIG-067