Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art

The Rubin Museum in NYC is a place to see objects of Himalayan art beautifully curated and exhibited. After we wandered around the exhibits, I was drawn to the stairway and just waited around for thins to happen and subtly they did. The curves, patterns, and light and shadow balances were most inviting.

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More Museum of the City of New York

The Museum of the City of New York is a great museum which offers excellent exhibits including a great picture journey of NYC from the earliest days when inhabited by the Lenni Lenape indians to the present. I have seen these for other cities and this is the best. The is a display of lights as one enters which is excellent and changes as you walk around it and a steep stairway with posters. The statue is one of two on the facade. This one is Dewitt Clinton and the other is Alexander Hamilton.

More will follow                             Musem of the City of NY-49

Musem of the City of NY-109Musem of the City of NY-111 Musem of the City of NY-67 √Musem of the City of NY-93 Musem of the City of NY-90 Musem of the City of NY-86   Musem of the City of NY-57