Downtown Liberty, SC

Dining in small towns can be an adventure and we went into Yank’s Place with some trepidation but the food was simple, well-prepared and tasty, another great surprise while driving around. We will try the bakery soon.

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Lake Conestee Nature Park

Another gem in the neighborhood is lake Conestee Nature Park, It is part of a larger recreation project with ball fields , etc. The lake itself is surrounded by a swampy forest. Hiking and bird watching are two great attractions, not to mention photography.

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Brattonsville 2

The afternoon light in the fall on a blue sky day is so pure for me and makes great shadows.It helps capture the landscape and buildings.


Historic Brattonsville

South Carolina has many historic sites and this is one of the more important ones. The late fall is a great time to visit with the trees having either lost their leaves or are carrying golden leaves .Here is a link which gives a good description of the place and its history, A;so check out



Fall in South Carolina

Today my buddy Al and I went riding around to shoot a bit and he knew of a pond with a stone lighthouse fairly close by. This might be as intense as fall gets  for color, particularly the golden yellows. Leafs and pine needles in the water are particularly interesting.


Marshall, NC

A friend of mine suggested that I check out Marshall, NC. It is a mountain town along the French Broad River. One of the features on the main street is an old caboose. I was struck by the details of the caboose as well as the color.

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