Mill Windows

Mill windows are interesting for their patterns and when textured express the colors and shapes of the outside while blurring the details. The color bands seen against the sharp outlines of the panes makes for an interesting contrast.

These images were made in Greenville Center for Creative Arts in Greenville, SC ( The Center houses artists’ studios, gallery space and an Art School. Go visit.


An Old Home Place

A few days ago Alice and I found an old house but I forgot to put a memory card in my camera but the light was lousy, so nothing lost. The second time I was more careful and here are some of the images. The old home and surrounding property is magical.

There were more things to see but they are for next time.

TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (7)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (3)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (55)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (94)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (39)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (69)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (109)

Downtown Liberty, SC

Dining in small towns can be an adventure and we went into Yank’s Place with some trepidation but the food was simple, well-prepared and tasty, another great surprise while driving around. We will try the bakery soon.

Trip,AliceLiberty. SCdowntown812Trip,AliceLiberty. SCdowntown817Trip,AliceLiberty. SCdowntown818

Why These?

Every day I peruse my photographs to find ones that interest me  enough to work on them. These change from day to day. This group has something slightly strange and maybe unsettling about them. The first has bright colors nd a perspective that leads the eye to the person cleaning the windows. The rest have odd placements of objects.

Trip FlorenceMcDonaldAd3217FlorenceMusrumTerry's Opening3184GCCAAlice Art Venter3343Trip, AlSpartanburgold mill1620Downtown GreenvilleAlice1773

Westminster, SC Old Buildings

Here are a few of the old business buildings in Westminster. Many small towns have at least a few rows of old buildings with great character and  scattered ghosts.

Westminster SCarchitecturewindows and textures0383Westminster SCarchitecturewindows and textures0352Westminster SCarchitecturewindows and textures0379Westminster SCarchitecturewindows and textures0351Westminster SCarchitecturewindows and textures0377