Pendleton Oil Mill, Pendleton, SC

This is one of my favorite sites to photograph and was one of the first places I photographed when Iwe moved to SC. The mill is slowly slipping into complete entropy, which is sad because I think it should be made into historical site with a full but correct renovation as it is part of our history in the Upstate.

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Why These?

Every day I peruse my photographs to find ones that interest me  enough to work on them. These change from day to day. This group has something slightly strange and maybe unsettling about them. The first has bright colors nd a perspective that leads the eye to the person cleaning the windows. The rest have odd placements of objects.

Trip FlorenceMcDonaldAd3217FlorenceMusrumTerry's Opening3184GCCAAlice Art Venter3343Trip, AlSpartanburgold mill1620Downtown GreenvilleAlice1773

Polly Gaillard’s Exhibit and Some West End Views

The first photograph is from Polly Gaillard’s new exhibit at the Southeast Center for Photography in Greenville, SC. If you live in or near Greenville, Polly’s show is well worth seeing.

The other photos are in the West End neighborhood neat the Center where I frequently go with my camera.

Polly GaillardEchibitSeCP3377West Greenvilleshop wallsAlice3361West Greenvilleshop wallsAlice3359West Greenvilleshop wallsAlice3355West Greenvilleshop wallsAlice3352West Greenvilleshop wallsAlice3349

Complex Weavers South East Gathering

It is always fun for me to meet Alice’s weaving compatriots. This time they  they were hosted by The Yadkin Valley Fiber Room/Yadkin Cultural Arts Center, Yadkinville, NC.  The meeting and the town were great for photographs and I met some neat people. My first post is of the weavers in a class taught by  Lesley Killeen. I missed the other two lectures, one by Alice and the other by Su Butler. But I went for the photographic opportunities. The Cultural Arts Center is a great addition to the town. The surrounding area is becoming known for its wineries, therefore the last image. There will be more to follow.

Alice TeachingYadkinville1402Alice TeachingYadkinville1406Alice TeachingYadkinville1414Alice TeachingYadkinville1434AliceYadkinvilleTeaching1485

Lake Conestee Nature Park

Another gem in the neighborhood is lake Conestee Nature Park, It is part of a larger recreation project with ball fields , etc. The lake itself is surrounded by a swampy forest. Hiking and bird watching are two great attractions, not to mention photography.

Alice,BruceConestee Nature Park06012017 (24)Alice,BruceConestee Nature Park06012017 (33)@1,25xAlice,BruceConestee Nature Park06012017 (31)BWAlice,BruceConestee Nature Park06012017 (31)

Upcountry History Museum

Greenville, SC has some interesting museums and the Upcountry History Museum is getting to the top. The current traveling exhibits include a superb Ansel Adams exhibit which has some of his iconic images beautifully printed.Dr. Seuss (Ted Geisel) has kind of retrospective show which is amazing. Take the time to go see these exhibits.

GreenvilleUpcouintry-History-Museum04112017-(35)GreenvilleUpcouintry-History-Museum04112017-(32)GreenvilleUpcouintry-History-Museum04112017-(14)GreenvilleUpcouintry-History-Museum04112017-(18)GreenvilleUpcouintry-History-Museum04112017-(15)GreenvilleUpcouintry History Museum04112017 (25)GreenvilleUpcouintry History Museum04112017 (11)GreenvilleUpcouintry History Museum04112017 (9)