An Ordinary Day

Here are some photographs from an “ordinary” day spent shopping, dining and wandering. I get as much joy from these days as from days in spectacular surroundings because they are more personal for me.

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NYC People and Glass

I was looking through my NYC images today and decided to share a branch of my fascination with objects reflected or seen through glass. The framing, reflections and the lack of “posing” interests me and allows me to photograph a scene without disturbing it.Museum of Art and Design NYC-104 Museum of Art and Design NYC-114-2 NYC 5_2015-127-5NYC May 2015 for Alice Austen Visit-172NYC 5_2015-102-2NYC 5_2015-025-5-Edit

Glass, Hats and Glasses

Today I started going through some recent photos and found a few things that seem to me to work well together. Hats and glasses have become some of my favorite visions. The patterns and colors are very neat, though I will probably repost these as black and white images, too._IMG1118-Edit-Edit _IMG1013-Edit_IMG1142-Edit _IMG1164