Memories and Details

The Euro Car Fest is still with me. It brought back memories with the Volvo 544, our first car tp a few British cars, one of which was definitely out of my range. The details are a reminder that a great, big picture is made of a lot of good little details. There are probably more to come.

Eurocar Fest-249Eurocar Fest-217Eurocar Fest-228Eurocar Fest-348-Edit-Edit Eurocar Fest-128  Eurocar Fest-324  Eurocar Fest-369 Eurocar Fest-376-Edit

2 thoughts on “Memories and Details

  1. Memories!…. I so remember the Volvo 544, in Peru we used to call it the Egg Volvo. The Morgan is such a classic and the MG…if only they could stay running, but what style.
    Thanks for sharing, more please.

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