Downtown Greenville

A walk downtown almost anywhere can have bits and pieces of interest, like the cavernous entrance to a building, someone’s reading interests in a used bookstore and the decorations of the wall and window of a store, each with its own story for us to make up.

Nain StreetGreenville SC100420155433-Edit-2Nain StreetGreenville SC100420155430-EditNain StreetGreenville SC100420155434-EditNain StreetGreenville SC100420155436-Edit

Glendale Buildings

The structures on the Glendale site are great examples of sturdy, old mill architecture, unfortunately, a good deal of the mill has been demolished. Some of the structures are recognizable as to function but others are just there, though I am sure the folks that live there know what the structures are for. For my own thinking the two squat columns represent Gelendalehenge.

Glendale Mill with Sam-5441-Edit-EditGlendale Mill with Sam-5318Glendale Mill with Sam-5434-Edit-EditGlendale Mill with Sam-5415Glendale Mill with Sam-5388-2Glendale Mill with Sam-5370-2

Glendale Mill Revisited

Yesterday I went with my friend Sam to Glendale Mill which is just outside of Spartanburg, SC in the town of Glendale. It is an abandoned mill site which is now Wofford College’s Environmental Center. The remaining old buildings and the stream with surrounding woods is magical. There will be a few more installments.

Glendale Mill with Sam-5314Glendale Mill with Sam-5334Glendale Mill with Sam-5363Glendale Mill with Sam-5372


The Music Store in Hendersonville

A stroll down Hendersonville’s main street gave me a chance to check out some of the shops and the shop selling musical instruments was particularly interesting for me with its drum sets, guitars of all sorts and other items for music making. Check out your own home town for photographic opportunities and share your results.

Hendersonville and Flat Rock with Al-0504Hendersonville and Flat Rock with Al-0509 Hendersonville and Flat Rock with Al-0506  Hendersonville and Flat Rock with Al-0512 Hendersonville and Flat Rock with Al-0515Hendersonville and Flat Rock with Al-0507

Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair

Alice always takes me to events with people and things to photograph including Walter Turpening, a great weaver/furniture-maker. The vendor on the phone was priceless, everyone is hooked up, maybe and the items that first caught my eye are things I want to share first, meaning there is more to come.

SA Fiber Show, Asheville-5212SA Fiber Show, Asheville-5132-Edit   SA Fiber Show, Asheville-9845  SA Fiber Show, Asheville-9851   SA Fiber Show, Asheville-9878-Edit

Memories and Details

The Euro Car Fest is still with me. It brought back memories with the Volvo 544, our first car tp a few British cars, one of which was definitely out of my range. The details are a reminder that a great, big picture is made of a lot of good little details. There are probably more to come.

Eurocar Fest-249Eurocar Fest-217Eurocar Fest-228Eurocar Fest-348-Edit-Edit Eurocar Fest-128  Eurocar Fest-324  Eurocar Fest-369 Eurocar Fest-376-Edit

Foggy and Wet

Today I decided to get off my duff and go out into the yard where the wetness, fog and leaves all made for an intense color and shape experience. Foggy or cloudy, dreary days make for bright, intense colors almost as if it had a built-in polarizing filter with an additional bit of saturation. You might enjoy grabbing your camera, putting on your Wellies and go shooting._DSF5094 _DSF5081 _DSF5071-2 _DSF5086  _DSF5097  _DSF5123-Edit