Memories and Details

The Euro Car Fest is still with me. It brought back memories with the Volvo 544, our first car tp a few British cars, one of which was definitely out of my range. The details are a reminder that a great, big picture is made of a lot of good little details. There are probably more to come.

Eurocar Fest-249Eurocar Fest-217Eurocar Fest-228Eurocar Fest-348-Edit-Edit Eurocar Fest-128  Eurocar Fest-324  Eurocar Fest-369 Eurocar Fest-376-Edit

New Orleans Architectural Details

The architecture of New Orleans is fascinating due to the age and multicultural design, colors and details of the buildings. The beads on the rail tells one of the Mardi Gras traditions; the window with curved top and light reflections on the wall is a very beautiful image for me; the green door with locks and a bit of a peep into the adjacent store raised my curiosity and finally the woman outside the doors is a nice foil to the architecture.Memphis to New Orleans Trip-140427 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-140458-Edit Memphis to New Orleans Trip-140582 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-150810-Edit


This AM I was looking through recent px and saw these reflection and other glass-based images. The yellow stripes in the car windows caught my eye; I will leave it to you, the viewer, to figure out the second image; the layered beer is a nice study in browns and tans and I like the condensation on the outside of the chilled glass; the final one is part of my ongoing glass experiments.

20140920-_DSF4486P9040001-Edit_9220066-EditWaterglass, Home-6892-Edit