New Kit

I do not usually blog about new kit but this item is one i wish to share. The images in this installment were all taken with a new camera, a Sony RX10Mk,4 which is a relatively compact long zoom, 1 inch sensor camera, The zoom is from 28–600 mm f 2.8-f 4 full frame equivalent.

What do I like and not like ? The lens appears sharp at all the focal lengths and the mage Steady appears to work well. The camera feels good in hand, the lens has, wonder of wonders, aperture number makings ton the barrel and the zoom is smooth and the speed of zoom is adjustable. all the other performance function seem at least very good and possibly excellent, although I need more time with it.

I think the camera i a bit of a chunk though still reasonably light.

M<y only real quibble with it is the menu system which is difficult to encompass because of so many options and their locations.I will get the hang of it soon.

i bought the camera at Spartan PhotoCenter, which I think is the only r4emaining camera store in SC. I an a satisfied customer, not a paid reviewer and they do sell on line. Their prices are competitive with the big city stores and one gets personal service and help.


3 thoughts on “New Kit

  1. Love the photos!
    Chris has the original RX 10 and it’s a great camera, as you said terrific sharp lens and good colors! I really like your B&W image.

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