On the Road

Today Al and I hit the road to Landrum, SC and Tryon, NC and found a few neat things like the old dead tree which are the first two px. I found that the first one from a bit of distance needed to be followed up with a closer shot to emphasize the tree. I really enjoy the old, dilapidated building with the cock-eyed large doors and the rusty barrel and finally, it rained on the way home to give me a wet windshield. Fun day!Al in LAndrum-007 Dead Tree. Landrum-52Old Building Fron-54 Al's Rainy Windshield-59-Edit

More Spring

Soon spring will have exhausted itself and summer will be here with a different floral look so here are some more looks at spring. The first image is from the Clemson Botanical Garden. I was struck by the almost perfect round shadow beneath the tree, almost mysterious; our own hellebores, our river birch with the peeling bark and radially blurred background (for those who care about such things) and what I feel is a really nice look at some dogwood flowers.Clemson GArdens with Al-171-EditOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Catch While You Can

The camera and the user should always be ready to put down what they are doing and take pictures of things that will not happen in the same way again, which is not to say they won’t happen in a similar way, so here is a chair with sun dots and some fog and tree pictures. I find window light at home and images made in the fog work well for me.

Chair at Home-2598 Paris Mtn. in the Fog-27Road,Fog,Paris Mt Paris Mtn. in the Fog-34Road,Fog,Paris Mt Paris Mtn. in the Fog-37Road,Fog,Paris Mt