Memories of Cataloochee Ranch

Cataloochee Ranch is a gem sitting atop Maggie Valley, N,C. where we go occasionally to rest, hike and eat (too much, maybe). The pictures are a fair representatipn of life on the ranch. The pond shots were taken with a Pentax 645, which captures a great range of light and lots of detail. The others were taken with the little brother, the Pentax K2.

Cataloochee Ranch Maggie Valley-959 Cataloochee Ranch Maggie Valley-459 Cataloochee Ranch Maggie Valley-448 Cataloochee Ranch Maggie Valley-426 Cataloochee Ranch Maggie Valley-927 Cataloochee Ranch Maggie Valley-942

To the Soo Locks

Going to the Soo Locks gives me an odd kind of industrial landscape, which I love. The locks and bridges are glories of old-timey industrial design and engineering. Lots of folks probably are not fans of the industrial landscape because of the pollution they may represent but, I enjoy the steel filigree, old buildings and the engineering marvel of the locks.

Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-2226Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-2237-EditGreat Lakes Road Scholar Tour-2295-2 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-2281 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-2251 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-2295-2

We’re Here

Downtown Mackinac is a bit like Cape May, NJ with Victorian homes, lots of small stores but with one difference, Mackinac has no cars, just numerous bicycles, all in use. Fudge appears to be the one of the largest industries in town with numerous suppliers. It makes for great window shopping. All in all the homes, flowers and absence of motor traffic makes for a great visit.Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-729-EditGreat Lakes Road Scholar Tour-730Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-706 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-736-EditGreat Lakes Road Scholar Tour-745 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-742  Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-749 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-755 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-757 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-767 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-770Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-822

On to Downtown Mackinac

The path and sidewalk to downtown Mackinac goes along the shore of Lake Huron and the water is really that blue. The sandy beach is so like the beaches of my childhood in New Jersey that it is difficult to believe that it borders fresh water. This set of pictures shows some of the sights along the beach.

Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-715 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-664 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-672 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-674 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-676 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-682 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-699

View from Fort Machinac

Fort Mackinac is set on top the island in order to protect the bay and it provides great vistas both far and near. The first two images are of our group and the youn guy shooting the group is the official Road Scholar photographer. I particularly like the solitary bike against the whitewashed fort wall and the orange-yellow umbrellas with the color and patterns.Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-530Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-531Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-555 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-526Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-559Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-540Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-558  Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-543 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-544 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-546 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-549 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-550

Bits and Pieces

I see small details wherever I go and one of my favorites is the sink at the Hare and Hound in Landrum, SC, a favorite eating spot of my traveling buddy and I when we go shooting px. The curves of the sink and the warm tones are pleasing to my eye. The paper trimmer and Alice’s handwoven items somehow work together for me with the repetition of the square pattern and the texture of the wovens and finally I love the Auto Union cap.Hare and Hounds120307_9880 Home Light Experiment-1595 Audi Cap020820155082

Atmospherics Two

Moving right along with the atmospherics project:clouds, fog and clouds and fog fascinate me as they are at once beautiful, somewhat threatening and make for beautiful images, especially when properly printed. this project will stay black and white until we get to sunrises and sunsets and then may still stay black and white.Bay inFog OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fog on Paris Mountain with Trees-4-Edit

A Few of My Favorite Shots

I am almost at the end of our steamboat trip and over the week I will blog some of my favorite shots. Phil, the calliope player (and ship pianist) played at each departure and the shot of him at his keyboard seems to fit him perfectly. The water glass is part of my glass experiment and the hubcap mirror is part of my reflections experiment. The shadows and the lizard caught my eye. The lizard is crawling on a gigantic spider sculpture in the sculpture garden at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Phil at the Calliope-2 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-150860 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-140418 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-131862 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-131920

Vicksburg National Military Park

This site is a must see because it represents a major event in our country’s history and it is so well-done and moving. The brims, rolling fields, artillery and Illinois Memorial were among the highlights of our tour there. The cannon sticking out of the first ironclad ship was part of an interesting exhibit on the site.

Memphis to New Orleans Trip-080523-Edit Memphis to New Orleans Trip-080612 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-080608 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-080598 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-080576 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-080554 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-080537 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-080534 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-080527