Tacoma Reflections

I was looking through the images from our trip to Tacoma and San Francisco and decided to share some of the reflection px and the first set is from Tacoma. In the first one I like the mirrored square motif broken by the man in the foreground; the second is a fun mashup all in one image (not Photoshopped; and the third is obviously a selfie._DSC2942 _DSC2936-Edit-Edit-2_DSC0088

Things on the Home Front

I am embarking again on the project of shooting within my house space to see what’s there as photo stimulation. I was sitting in the living room at night and saw the reflection of a lamp in the window and wondered how it would work surrounded by a circle of fingers, the second is a reflection in a round mirror, which I found a better frame than square mirrors and finally, the last two pictures are of light both through a curtain and light cast on a hat and cabinet.

Home Light Experiment-1565-Edit-2 Home Light Experiment-1618 untitled shoot-011920154591 Home Light Experiment-1570-Edit

Reflections Is Another Project

I find that projects help me refine what I am doing. Sometimes, actually most time, the projects evolve out of images I have taken and I put them together in appropriate groups with the goal of having these groups start guiding me in my newer shootings. Here are a few images from my reflections project. Upside downness is a good thing.

Pond ReflectionsStar on Head101420144440 ReflectionsDowntown Water SculptureGreenville SC101420144450 ReflectionsDowntown Water SculptureGreenville SC101420144451

Back to Tacoma and SF

As always I like to occasionally look back to where I have been and our Tacoma-San Francisco trip remains a rich vein to be mined.I think the windows with their broken reflections match well the leaves behind the fence. The Palm Reader is hilarious. The little red flower in the big greenery caught my eye as did the kind of beat up old Porsche with a bike on the back.  _DSC2153_DSC2832_DSC4295_DSC4227-Edit_DSC4335_DSC4355