Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair

Alice always takes me to events with people and things to photograph including Walter Turpening, a great weaver/furniture-maker. The vendor on the phone was priceless, everyone is hooked up, maybe and the items that first caught my eye are things I want to share first, meaning there is more to come.

SA Fiber Show, Asheville-5212SA Fiber Show, Asheville-5132-Edit   SA Fiber Show, Asheville-9845  SA Fiber Show, Asheville-9851   SA Fiber Show, Asheville-9878-Edit

View from Fort Machinac

Fort Mackinac is set on top the island in order to protect the bay and it provides great vistas both far and near. The first two images are of our group and the youn guy shooting the group is the official Road Scholar photographer. I particularly like the solitary bike against the whitewashed fort wall and the orange-yellow umbrellas with the color and patterns.Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-530Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-531Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-555 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-526Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-559Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-540Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-558  Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-543 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-544 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-546 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-549 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-550

The Trip Is Almost Done

The first three images are from the Mennonite Center and the last three are from the campus of Eastern Mennonite University. They represent our last few days at the festival. I particularly like taking pictures of Alice sketching. The old schoolroom with the picture of George Washington reminds me of my grammar school classrooms.Shenandoah Bach Festival -088-2Shenandoah Bach Festival -102-2Shenandoah Bach Festival -071-2Shenandoah Bach Festival -063-2Shenandoah Bach Festival -104 Shenandoah Bach Festival -082 Shenandoah Bach Festival -059

A Walk Down the Street, New Orleans

I am probably not done with my New Orleans px because when I go through the images there are always a few new ones which attract me and if they attract me more than once, I want to share them. I love doorways with little kind of riddles, gates with shadows, folks watching the magician, who I had in an earlier blog, and finally, the cathedral which is a wonderful space.Doorway #1, New Orleans-Edit Memphis to New Orleans Trip-140412 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-140481 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-140485 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-140504 Memphis to New Orleans Trip-140509