Winter Pursuits

When I am cooped up in the house, I browse my files and here are today’s findings. The two magnifying glasses and the computer eye glasses kind of define what many photographers do, that is, look. Sometimes we find patterns formed by walls with snow and sometimes we find rooms crowed with our px. The looking and our response to what we see keeps us going.Home and Publix-0345 Snow at Home Deck and Yard-56-Edit untitled shoot-0379


After looking out the kitchen window at what some folks call a blizzard, I turned my attention to the results of my dedicated dish and glass washing and I found the south end of the cow milk dispenser and glasses with interesting facets and the result of looking through those facets.untitled shoot-1667GlassesKitchenExperiments121920145024-Edit-2 untitled shoot-1666-Edit

Bits and Pieces

I see small details wherever I go and one of my favorites is the sink at the Hare and Hound in Landrum, SC, a favorite eating spot of my traveling buddy and I when we go shooting px. The curves of the sink and the warm tones are pleasing to my eye. The paper trimmer and Alice’s handwoven items somehow work together for me with the repetition of the square pattern and the texture of the wovens and finally I love the Auto Union cap.Hare and Hounds120307_9880 Home Light Experiment-1595 Audi Cap020820155082

The Resting Orchid

In our foyer is a “resting” orchid which I see many times a day and I finally decided to photograph and work on it. I am attracted to the curve of the stems and its leafless purity, though there are leaves down in the pot area. I became intrigued with the changes in appearance with different saturation levels (Photoshop) and finally, black and white.20150127_0314 20150127_033020150127_0330 copy 20150127_0330bw

Just What’s Happening

When I am not on a trip I shoot what is out there and try to pull things together into projects as I go along. These images are an attempt to shoot images which represent what I first felt when the scene presented itself. These are all images that just keep popping up during an ordinary day.

AliceCostcoparking lot010920154191 copy Home Light Experiment-1552Bedroom with TrenchcoatHomedoorway and CD's012020154609 copy HallwayHomeLight Streak011920154595

Catch While You Can

The camera and the user should always be ready to put down what they are doing and take pictures of things that will not happen in the same way again, which is not to say they won’t happen in a similar way, so here is a chair with sun dots and some fog and tree pictures. I find window light at home and images made in the fog work well for me.

Chair at Home-2598 Paris Mtn. in the Fog-27Road,Fog,Paris Mt Paris Mtn. in the Fog-34Road,Fog,Paris Mt Paris Mtn. in the Fog-37Road,Fog,Paris Mt