Atmospherics Two

Moving right along with the atmospherics project:clouds, fog and clouds and fog fascinate me as they are at once beautiful, somewhat threatening and make for beautiful images, especially when properly printed. this project will stay black and white until we get to sunrises and sunsets and then may still stay black and white.Bay inFog OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fog on Paris Mountain with Trees-4-Edit


I am starting a new project which is about atmospherics which I started with fog images and realized that rain, clouds, sunrises and sunsets all work well with other. This will probably be a fairly long term project. These pictures were taken on a trip to Alaska. I suspect that some of the photos will be ones I have blogged before but such is life._IGP8151_IGP7756 _IGP9299

Catch While You Can

The camera and the user should always be ready to put down what they are doing and take pictures of things that will not happen in the same way again, which is not to say they won’t happen in a similar way, so here is a chair with sun dots and some fog and tree pictures. I find window light at home and images made in the fog work well for me.

Chair at Home-2598 Paris Mtn. in the Fog-27Road,Fog,Paris Mt Paris Mtn. in the Fog-34Road,Fog,Paris Mt Paris Mtn. in the Fog-37Road,Fog,Paris Mt