More Grand Hotel

I am fascinated by the porch architecture with the flags and columns. Inside was less interesting to me except that lunch was great. The flowers around the building were well-done, as one would expect. The last image is the path going down to Mackinac’s main street, our trek for tomorrow.

Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-594-2 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-604-2  Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-609-2 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-647-2 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-658

Arrowmont Wanderings

Wandering around the campus I saw ivy on the walls and the yellow leaves amid the green caught my eye; the deck with the chairs and fallen dogwood petals made a lovely, quiet sense of place and finally, the irresistible selfie in one of the studios, my reflection on a large pot.Arrowmont 2015-139-Edit untitled shoot-4928 untitled shoot-4930 Arrowmont 2015-70-Edit

More Spring

Soon spring will have exhausted itself and summer will be here with a different floral look so here are some more looks at spring. The first image is from the Clemson Botanical Garden. I was struck by the almost perfect round shadow beneath the tree, almost mysterious; our own hellebores, our river birch with the peeling bark and radially blurred background (for those who care about such things) and what I feel is a really nice look at some dogwood flowers.Clemson GArdens with Al-171-EditOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Bike Store and Field

Today my younger son Erik and I went to Tandem Trikes and Recumbents bike shop to buy a new light for the front of my trike and the first thing that caught my eye was the displaying front of the store and that was neat as were the pictures captured in the window reflections. Then, saw the adjacent field with the planting indicating a home, which was no longer there, one of my favorite types of space images, the space of times past along with e=what is suspect is poison ivy, beautiful, shiny leaves turning yellow, sort of look but don’t touch.TTR, Open Field,Greenville SC-6858-Edit TTR, Open Field,Greenville SC-6869TTR, Open Field,Greenville SC-6861