Downtown Greenville

A walk downtown almost anywhere can have bits and pieces of interest, like the cavernous entrance to a building, someone’s reading interests in a used bookstore and the decorations of the wall and window of a store, each with its own story for us to make up.

Nain StreetGreenville SC100420155433-Edit-2Nain StreetGreenville SC100420155430-EditNain StreetGreenville SC100420155434-EditNain StreetGreenville SC100420155436-Edit

Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair

Alice always takes me to events with people and things to photograph including Walter Turpening, a great weaver/furniture-maker. The vendor on the phone was priceless, everyone is hooked up, maybe and the items that first caught my eye are things I want to share first, meaning there is more to come.

SA Fiber Show, Asheville-5212SA Fiber Show, Asheville-5132-Edit   SA Fiber Show, Asheville-9845  SA Fiber Show, Asheville-9851   SA Fiber Show, Asheville-9878-Edit

Foggy and Wet

Today I decided to get off my duff and go out into the yard where the wetness, fog and leaves all made for an intense color and shape experience. Foggy or cloudy, dreary days make for bright, intense colors almost as if it had a built-in polarizing filter with an additional bit of saturation. You might enjoy grabbing your camera, putting on your Wellies and go shooting._DSF5094 _DSF5081 _DSF5071-2 _DSF5086  _DSF5097  _DSF5123-Edit

Around Town

Al and I did a wander in Greenville  a few weeks ago and this is some of what I saw. The first image is a story for me of a little house set in front of an old mill being repurposed  I love the structures and patterns. The second is full of shape and pattern and a sort of tan monochrome. The sewer grate with dead sticks and leaves has lots to look at and think about. The last picture is delightfully (for me) a bit hard to decipher.

West GreenvilleWith AlLeaves082620155729West GreenvilleWith AlLeaves082620155751West GreenvilleWith AlLeaves082620155652-Edit  West GreenvilleWith AlLeaves082620155741

Lane Motor Museum

The Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN is one of the premier car museums in the US with what is probably the larges collection of European cars in the US. It started wel with a red truck in the parking lot and got better from there with a Citroen, Hotchkiss, and Fiat neatly represented. There are other cars which is for tomorrow.

From Lurie Garden to Art Institute of Chicago

After we wandered through the Lurie Garden we rested a bit and went into the Art Institute of Chicago, a great art center. The group was split into smaller groups and our docent showed us three painters’ work and I only was able to photograph two, Hopper and Seurat but they are both favorites of mine, maybe because they are somewhat photographic in the artists’ visions.

As usual for me, I found images in the cafeteria that were as interesting as some of the work we saw in the museum. It always amazes me what we ourselves can create from what we see.                                                                                                                                               Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-203 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-208Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-207-2 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-219-Edit Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-225 Great Lakes Road Scholar Tour-227

More from the Old Garage

I like to stand around for awhile when shooting and just look around to possible build a little story in my mind. This gives me more pleasure when I shoot as well as when I work on the images later.

Old Building Fron-50-Edit                                                                                                                               Old Building Fron-60-Edit                                      Old Building Fron-49 Old Building Fron-62Old Building Fron-48

Closeup and Country Scenes

Yesterday we went out and about in the country where I found a patch of what I think are rhododendrons, an old but operational small farm, and finally clouds as well as the front of an ice machine from the front of a small gas station and convenience store. These are all things I find just riding around.

untitled shoot-2217-Edit-EditFarm with Tree and Cart-48Gas Sation with Clouds-51Ice MAchine-49