Downtown Greenville

A walk downtown almost anywhere can have bits and pieces of interest, like the cavernous entrance to a building, someone’s reading interests in a used bookstore and the decorations of the wall and window of a store, each with its own story for us to make up.

Nain StreetGreenville SC100420155433-Edit-2Nain StreetGreenville SC100420155430-EditNain StreetGreenville SC100420155434-EditNain StreetGreenville SC100420155436-Edit

Entrances and Hallways

Looking through my files to clean house I always find images to think about and I get new ideas about what I want to shoot, share and occasionally show. This little group interests me because entrances, hallways and windows are mysterious, occasonally scarey and always elicit my curiosity.NYC with Weinbergs1403134187-Edit  untitled shoot-007-EditLong Hotel Hall_1120902-EditHotel Window-004

Glendale Mills

Here are some more Glendale Mills images. The bridge has interesting shapes, shadows and an Al in deep background. The building remnants backed by a great sky with clouds have a sort of monumentality and a reminder that nothing lasts forever. The images adjacent to the dam are very active with trees, fence, buttresses, etc. I think black and white works better in these images than the original color, which I found distracting.

Glendale Mill Area with Al-131-Edit Glendale Mill Area with Al-169 Glendale Mill Area with Al-212 Glendale Mill Area with Al-260 Glendale Mill Area with Al-262-Edit Glendale Mill Area with Al-267

Old California Gold Mine

One of the many beauties of photography is that it allows time travel including a trip in 2002 to an old gold mine with our then California branch of the family, now living here in Greenville. This old gold mine was a “gold mine” of images. The layering and colors of the buildings is interesting as is the interior where the ore was processed. I could not remember which mine this is but I am working on that.

untitled shoot-035 untitled shoot-025 untitled shoot-028-Edit-2 untitled shoot-022

Greenville Center for Creative Arts

Greenville, SC’s old mills are being repurposed and in this case (and most cases) for the better. The part of the mill to the right is a great new art center and to the left will be apartments, what a great place to live. I love the interiors of the old mills which have an airy and somewhat mysterious spaciousness.

Downtown with Felds-002Downtown with Felds-018 Downtown with Felds-022 Downtown with Felds-024 Downtown with Felds-028 Downtown with Felds-057

More from the Old Garage

I like to stand around for awhile when shooting and just look around to possible build a little story in my mind. This gives me more pleasure when I shoot as well as when I work on the images later.

Old Building Fron-50-Edit                                                                                                                               Old Building Fron-60-Edit                                      Old Building Fron-49 Old Building Fron-62Old Building Fron-48

The Trip Is Almost Done

The first three images are from the Mennonite Center and the last three are from the campus of Eastern Mennonite University. They represent our last few days at the festival. I particularly like taking pictures of Alice sketching. The old schoolroom with the picture of George Washington reminds me of my grammar school classrooms.Shenandoah Bach Festival -088-2Shenandoah Bach Festival -102-2Shenandoah Bach Festival -071-2Shenandoah Bach Festival -063-2Shenandoah Bach Festival -104 Shenandoah Bach Festival -082 Shenandoah Bach Festival -059

More Walls

Here are some images from our trip around town. The monochrome building shows a good use of color, the trees and vines are wonderful forms, the wall work is interesting wall art and finally, one of the walls has beautiful and subtle colors. Doug the Framemakers Building-57 Doug the Framemakers Building-81-2 Doug the Framemakers Building-100 Doug the Framemakers Building-107We did a quick trip yesterday around town and found a few older buildings and other structures with interesting “wall art” so here they are.Doug the Framemakers Building-109 Doug the Framemakers Building-111

Back to Tacoma and SF

As always I like to occasionally look back to where I have been and our Tacoma-San Francisco trip remains a rich vein to be mined.I think the windows with their broken reflections match well the leaves behind the fence. The Palm Reader is hilarious. The little red flower in the big greenery caught my eye as did the kind of beat up old Porsche with a bike on the back.  _DSC2153_DSC2832_DSC4295_DSC4227-Edit_DSC4335_DSC4355

After the Pepsi Corner

The first few px are still from the Pepsi Corner area. My attraction to this type of building is based on the overall patterns, colors as well as details, all of which I am trying to represent. The black and white images seem to more clearly define structure and texture but the colors are also interesting. I enjoy looking at the subtle organization of the storefronts as seen from the same general area but each seen from a slightly different viewpoint.untitled shoot-9280034 _9280036untitled shoot-9280068-Edit untitled shoot-9280068-Edit-2untitled shoot-9280055-Edit untitled shoot-9280059-2