Clouds and Rain at Arrowmont

Cloudy with rain forecast means a great environment for shooting because colors pop, the photographer has better control over the contrast and the mood of the scene is strong. I keep coming back to the pond with its trees, reflections and oranges at the shore. The wet it is is sort of a bonus.Arrowmont-98 untitled shoot-4720untitled shoot-4666

Arrowmont Wanderings

Wandering around the campus I saw ivy on the walls and the yellow leaves amid the green caught my eye; the deck with the chairs and fallen dogwood petals made a lovely, quiet sense of place and finally, the irresistible selfie in one of the studios, my reflection on a large pot.Arrowmont 2015-139-Edit untitled shoot-4928 untitled shoot-4930 Arrowmont 2015-70-Edit