Heritage Farm and Fog

The Heritage Farm near Bath Maine is run by a couple who are involved in saving and propagating animals and vegetables with “antique” genetics. It was foggy when we visited them and I love to photograph fog though I find it challenging to recreate the feeling of fog over the landscape.

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Roadside Tangle

When we ride around I see all sorts of things like old buildings covered by kudzu, interesting especially in winter when the leaves are gone and there is only a tangle of vines. The old garage  is across the street from a stream which is also uncovered by loss of kudzu leaves.


Guess What?

Well, last night we had our first real snow in quite a white and it is beautiful. The first photo was an experiment using my new flash and it turned out sort of interesting. The rest are yard px. I love the way snow silences the air and softens the outlines of things. It is great around here until going out for something means hitting the road.


Reedy River Walk, Greenville, SC

I like to look at my old files to discover things I had not thought about for a while and I found some images from a walk Alice and I took a few years ago. I like the moving water and the the climbing vegetation creeping up a wall. These images are more restful than the street scenes from the last few blogs.


Table Rock State Park

Last week Alice and I took a walk around the lake at Table Rock State Park which is close to home. Woods walks are most interesting to me as the last leaves are falling and the tree branches show their forms. I also like the late fall look of some of the wild flowers.

Forest in Late Fall-90Forest in Late Fall-81Forest in Late Fall-77-EditForest in Late Fall-19

Glendale Mill Revisited

Yesterday I went with my friend Sam to Glendale Mill which is just outside of Spartanburg, SC in the town of Glendale. It is an abandoned mill site which is now Wofford College’s Environmental Center. The remaining old buildings and the stream with surrounding woods is magical. There will be a few more installments.

Glendale Mill with Sam-5314Glendale Mill with Sam-5334Glendale Mill with Sam-5363Glendale Mill with Sam-5372