Tuxedo Relic

Yesterday, Al and I went driving around and found ourselves in Tuxedo, NC, which has some great stuff to look at, like Staton’s Grocery. Country stores like this probably will not be around much longer and short of buying them, I can only save them photographically.al-tripcopuntry01202017-69al-tripcopuntry01202017-83al-tripcopuntry01202017-89al-tripcopuntry01202017-88

Probing While Walking

Someone who walks with me needs a lot of patience because I am always stopping to look at things trying to photograph them in a way that somehow works, at least for me. Image balance and composition are two items that are critical for me. They differ for  each photographer which yields great variations in what people see, even when looking at the same thing._dsc5709_dsc4036_dsc4030_dsc5713_dsc5374-1_dsc5323_dsc4027_dsc4023_dsc4024


At Home

This blog starts with a more expansive image of our morning window in our cottage. I remain moved by the sunrise, curtains, chair and bed. The condensation on the window panes really adds to the image. The chair in the dining area with the  shadows again raises the question of black and white vs color. Soon I will get us down the way to Lunenburg.



After taking a photograph through the window (again),The view out the window seems to have lots of variations in light from specular highlights and numerous gradations from grey to black. Across the street was a fitness center where a few hardy souls were on the machines. we walked down the street to a bar and soaked up the local color in the bar.


New York Views

NY is a great city for photography because everywhere one looks there are new views leading to new ways to see, like out the sunscreened window at museum, the reflections on the side of a large building and the reflections of buildings on windshields. They all hold a certain beauty and mystery.

Museim Window NYC 5_2015-177Reflections on Buildings NYC Trip 2015-92Windshield NYC Alice 201320131119_2950_v1