Hampton Gallery Opening

The other night there was a very important opening at the Hampton Gallery, Taylors, SC featuring Jeanet Dreskin and several people whom she influenced as a studio artist and teacher. Jeanet has supported so many of us in the art world in so many ways and fortunately she is still going, a force of nature in the best possible way. Go see this show at Hampton Gallery From right to left in the first picture is Alice Schlein, Jeanet Dreskin, Carrie Burns Brown, Jim Campbell and Sandy Rupp, gallery director. Contact for the gallery is http://hamptoniiigallery.com/contactus/

Center GalleryDreskin Studentsshow3825

Left to right below is Sharon Campbell, Jim Campbell, Jeanet Dreskin, Carrie Burns Brown and Alice SchleinCenter GalleryDreskin Studentsshow3817

Alice Schlein and her workCenter GalleryDreskin Studentsshow3823

Jo Carol Mitchel-RogersCenter GalleryDreskin Studentsshow3799

Jeanet’s birthday cake.Center GalleryDreskin Studentsshow3816

Complex Weavers South East Gathering

It is always fun for me to meet Alice’s weaving compatriots. This time they  they were hosted by The Yadkin Valley Fiber Room/Yadkin Cultural Arts Center, Yadkinville, NC.  The meeting and the town were great for photographs and I met some neat people. My first post is of the weavers in a class taught by  Lesley Killeen. I missed the other two lectures, one by Alice and the other by Su Butler. But I went for the photographic opportunities. The Cultural Arts Center is a great addition to the town. The surrounding area is becoming known for its wineries, therefore the last image. There will be more to follow.

Alice TeachingYadkinville1402Alice TeachingYadkinville1406Alice TeachingYadkinville1414Alice TeachingYadkinville1434AliceYadkinvilleTeaching1485

Penland School of Crafts Weaving Concentration

Bhakti Ziek and Tommye Scanlin were the instructors for the weaving concentration course which lasts for eight of the best weeks a student could have. Alice was asked to present some of her current work for a few hours last Friday and I came to hang out and shoot some pictures.  The firs t is of Bhakti, a true national treasure in weaving. The second image is of Alice and Tommye. Tommye is an expert tapestry weaver and teacher. It was great to see a fair number of younger weavers.


The Woolery, Frankfort, Kentucky

Along with the bourbon distilleries in and around Frankfort we visited The Woolery, a great shop for spinners, knitters, weavers and photographers. Al,I and our wives thoroughly enjoyed it. You might check out my wife Alice’s website, http://weaverly.typepad.com/. She and Al’s wife Ellen had a blast. Here is the link to it, http://woolery.com/about-us.