Three Recents

The first two images are from a wander with Al. The horse and sheep are fun to look at. The pine cone and needles seems to me to be an interesting subject which is challenging to get just so and I am not sure I got it. The leaf on the forest floor is from a wander I took with Alice so as to escape staring at my monitor all day.


Roadside Tangle

When we ride around I see all sorts of things like old buildings covered by kudzu, interesting especially in winter when the leaves are gone and there is only a tangle of vines. The old garage  is across the street from a stream which is also uncovered by loss of kudzu leaves.


Guess What?

Well, last night we had our first real snow in quite a white and it is beautiful. The first photo was an experiment using my new flash and it turned out sort of interesting. The rest are yard px. I love the way snow silences the air and softens the outlines of things. It is great around here until going out for something means hitting the road.


Historic Brattonsville

South Carolina has many historic sites and this is one of the more important ones. The late fall is a great time to visit with the trees having either lost their leaves or are carrying golden leaves .Here is a link which gives a good description of the place and its history, A;so check out




Blue Rocks is a fun place in which to wander. Here is one path that seems to work well in color or black and white. I prefer the black and white because it shows the composition better than the color. The black and white also has a nice nostalgic feel to it. The stone formations have good colors and texture.