Connemara Pond, Flat Rock, NC

Connemara, the home of Carl Sandburg,is a great National Park site to visit with its original house and large pond, not to mention the goat farm, ( I love the pond in the Fall.

Fall Ride to Conamarra 68Fall Ride to Conamarra 27Fall Ride to Conamarra 40Fall Ride to Conamarra 31

Lake Conestee Nature Park

Another gem in the neighborhood is lake Conestee Nature Park, It is part of a larger recreation project with ball fields , etc. The lake itself is surrounded by a swampy forest. Hiking and bird watching are two great attractions, not to mention photography.

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Paris Mountain State Park

Fall in the Upstate of SC is great and the Paris Mountain State Park is a gem of an example.  The combination of great colors and their reflections in the pond are perfect.


Table Rock State Park

Last week Alice and I took a walk around the lake at Table Rock State Park which is close to home. Woods walks are most interesting to me as the last leaves are falling and the tree branches show their forms. I also like the late fall look of some of the wild flowers.

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