Leaf on Hand

Al, I and Sam Wang got together and wandered around the old Pendleton Oil Mill and Sam found a great leaf in early fall color which he encouraged me to photograph, which I did. The first image is my original interpretation of the leaf. The second is Sam’s and the third is my slight reinterpretation of Sam’s interpretation.  It is great fun shooting with friends.

SamHandbrown leaf3165SamHandbrown-leaf3164SamHandbrown leaf3165 copy@1,25x

Inside the Met

This blog has a few more images than I usually do at one time but I think that they present the activity and humanity of the museum. The first image, for me is a kind of classic because it raises the sense of common objects to something more personal and interesting (for me).  I also like to look at pictures (paintings), people and people looking at paintings. What great fun!


NYC Trip

Alice and I recently went to NYC for a week and the next few blog s will be from that trip, starting with our airport, GSP. in Greenville, SC. Airports are not my favorite place to sit around in and do nothing, so I take photographs of what folks do in their “spare ti,e”. I enjoy the images of people reading, resting or sewing. The wheelchairs seem to have their own conversation going.


The Airport Experience

Sitting in airports, while not the most fun available in the world, gives me a chance to be still, look at my surroundings and think about what I am seeing. The first image represents the sense of being alone while surrounded with people; the second and third images have a wonderful cognitive dissonance with the health care ads juxtaposed with donut ads and finally the gentleman with the very short haircut sitting facing the opposite direction from a lady with very big hair. It’s all good.NYC 5_2015-001-2 NYC 5_2015-004-2 NYC 5_2015-002-2-Edit NYC 5_2015-007-2