Pecos National Historical Park, Pecos, NM

Pecos National Historical Park ( is a must visit place because of its historic importance and its beauty.

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Table Rock State Park, Pickens, SC

There are many places to seen in the  Greenville, SC area such as Table Rock State Park (, I am intrigued by the trees and brush along the shore and the reflections in the lake.

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Paris Mountain State Park

Fall in the Upstate of SC is great and the Paris Mountain State Park is a gem of an example.  The combination of great colors and their reflections in the pond are perfect.


Chick Springs

After we left Taylors Mill we wandered to Chick Springs, which was for many years a small resort with a mineral spring believed to have healing powers. the spring and a barbeque area remain. I would hope this area could be made into a county park and be restored.

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