Country Building

This set goes back to a fairly recent jaunt into the countryside. I love the shapes and textures of these old buildings. Black and white seemed good for the first two images and I liked the  color interpretation for the third image.


Oil Mill Revisited

I always find it worthwhile to revisit places I like, whether by looking at old pictures or making new ones.

Trip with AlJohn Acorn's House and StudioSC30022 Trip with AlJohn Acorn's House and StudioSC2963Trip with AlJohn Acorn's House and StudioSC2960Trip with AlJohn Acorn's House and StudioSC2953Trip with AlPendleton Oil MillSC2784Trip with AlPendleton Oil MillSC27722Trip with AlJohn Acorn's House and StudioSC2933

The Old Pendleton, SC Oil Mill

This is a site that should not be missed as it is historic and will most likely disappear soon. We did not go inside the buildings as they look ready to devour anyone who enters. Here is a link to more information,

Trip with AlPendleton Oil MillSC2751Trip with AlPendleton Oil MillSC2774Trip with AlJohn Acorn's House and StudioSC3026Trip with AlPendleton Oil MillSC2767Trip with AlJohn Acorn's House and StudioSC3063

Greenville Center for Creative Arts

Here are some unpeopled views inside the old Brandon Mill, now the Greenville Center for Creative Arts. I love the large spaces with sparse furnishings.There are also artist’s studios in the building as well as a connected loft type housing development.

GreenvilleBrandon Mill SCCCAWilly and Akice1958GreenvilleBrandon Mill SCCCAWilly and Akice1960GreenvilleBrandon Mill SCCCAWilly and Akice1966GreenvilleBrandon Mill SCCCAWilly and Akice1946GreenvilleBrandon Mill SCCCAWilly and Akice1953GreenvilleBrandon Mill SCCCAWilly and Akice1969

On the Road with Al, Old Mills

Al and i rode around yesterday and shot an old mill near Spartanburg and Greenville, SC.The first two images were from the outside of an old mill near Spartanburg and the rest are from a mill near Greenville. Both exteriors and interiors hold abundant secrets to photograph.

Trip, AlSpartanburgold mill1602Trip, AlSpartanburgold mill1569Trip, AlTaylors Millold mill1665Trip, AlTaylors Millold mill1645Trip, AlTaylors Millold mill1689Trip, AlTaylors Millold mill1682Trip, AlTaylors Millold mill1680

Polly Gaillard’s Exhibit and Some West End Views

The first photograph is from Polly Gaillard’s new exhibit at the Southeast Center for Photography in Greenville, SC. If you live in or near Greenville, Polly’s show is well worth seeing.

The other photos are in the West End neighborhood neat the Center where I frequently go with my camera.

Polly GaillardEchibitSeCP3377West Greenvilleshop wallsAlice3361West Greenvilleshop wallsAlice3359West Greenvilleshop wallsAlice3355West Greenvilleshop wallsAlice3352West Greenvilleshop wallsAlice3349

Lunenberg Revisited

One of the many joys of photography has to do with memory. Most of us shoot images for many reasons and one of my major reasons is to remember places I have visited and to which I have responded. I go back to review and remember. Some photos appeal to me more than when I first looked at them and others can be better edited because I have gained some new skills. For those few who follow this blog who may not be photographers, “Try it, you’ll like it!”


Out in the Country

Al and I were riding out in the country near Newberry, SC. The countryside is amazing in the fall with perfect light and great color.A bonus was when the engineer stopped to chat with us.


Westminster, SC Old Buildings

Here are a few of the old business buildings in Westminster. Many small towns have at least a few rows of old buildings with great character and  scattered ghosts.

Westminster SCarchitecturewindows and textures0383Westminster SCarchitecturewindows and textures0352Westminster SCarchitecturewindows and textures0379Westminster SCarchitecturewindows and textures0351Westminster SCarchitecturewindows and textures0377

Fernhurst Mansion

The Fernhurst Mansion on the A-B Technical College Asheville Campus is a great old building withe a big front porch on which to sit, The interaction of the columns and sky as well as the joy of the sitters makes for good looking.A-B TechAsheville Bread FestivalAlice05062017 (30)A-B TechAsheville Bread FestivalAlice05062017 (26)A-B TechAsheville Bread FestivalAlice05062017 (9)A-B TechAsheville Bread FestivalAlice05062017 (6)


The Cabin Life

The gentleman that owns the Sign Barn in Pickens, SC built/restored an example of a time gone by in our part of the country and I think he did a great job. He uses the cabin as a place to sort of unwind.