Penland School of Crafts Weaving Concentration

Bhakti Ziek and Tommye Scanlin were the instructors for the weaving concentration course which lasts for eight of the best weeks a student could have. Alice was asked to present some of her current work for a few hours last Friday and I came to hang out and shoot some pictures.  The firs t is of Bhakti, a true national treasure in weaving. The second image is of Alice and Tommye. Tommye is an expert tapestry weaver and teacher. It was great to see a fair number of younger weavers.


Tuxedo Relic

Yesterday, Al and I went driving around and found ourselves in Tuxedo, NC, which has some great stuff to look at, like Staton’s Grocery. Country stores like this probably will not be around much longer and short of buying them, I can only save them

Orchard Hill

Yesterday Alice and I were scheduled to visit a  railroad museum in Duluth, GA but the trip was called off because of possible rain, so we went to Orchard Hill orchard near Zirconia, SC hoping to see apple blossoms but the orchard was closed. We got some pics anyway including part of the orchard and going up the mountain some trees and valley shots.

Ride with AliceOrchard HillNC031920165874Ride with AliceOrchard HillNC031920165944Ride with AliceOrchard HillNC031920165939Ride with AliceOrchard HillNC031920165927

More Asheville Graffiti

These graffiti are amazing with their energy, design sense and deep feelings of mixed joy and anger. They are very sophisticated in vision and execution, suggesting that the artists are inherently sensitive and talented with some possible degree of formal art training.

I hope you are all enjoying the trip.Asheville Graffiti SIG-204 Asheville Graffiti SIG-218 Asheville Graffiti SIG-237   Asheville Graffiti with SIG-080-Edit