Looking Up and Down, Clemson Arboretum

Wherever I go I make sure to look both up and down (and both ways crossing the street}. Places like the arboretum are particularly rewarding when looking around with the canopies of dogwoods in flower and the other trees filtering the Spring light and the flowers that are in the line of sight when looking dow.


Reedy River Walk, Greenville, SC

I like to look at my old files to discover things I had not thought about for a while and I found some images from a walk Alice and I took a few years ago. I like the moving water and the the climbing vegetation creeping up a wall. These images are more restful than the street scenes from the last few blogs.


Table Rock State Park

Last week Alice and I took a walk around the lake at Table Rock State Park which is close to home. Woods walks are most interesting to me as the last leaves are falling and the tree branches show their forms. I also like the late fall look of some of the wild flowers.

Forest in Late Fall-90Forest in Late Fall-81Forest in Late Fall-77-EditForest in Late Fall-19

Arrowmont Wanderings

Wandering around the campus I saw ivy on the walls and the yellow leaves amid the green caught my eye; the deck with the chairs and fallen dogwood petals made a lovely, quiet sense of place and finally, the irresistible selfie in one of the studios, my reflection on a large pot.Arrowmont 2015-139-Edit untitled shoot-4928 untitled shoot-4930 Arrowmont 2015-70-Edit