Lunenberg Revisited

One of the many joys of photography has to do with memory. Most of us shoot images for many reasons and one of my major reasons is to remember places I have visited and to which I have responded. I go back to review and remember. Some photos appeal to me more than when I first looked at them and others can be better edited because I have gained some new skills. For those few who follow this blog who may not be photographers, “Try it, you’ll like it!”


Ross Farm Museum

Here are more photographs from the Ross Farm Museum. The shapes and colors work well for me. The woodworker is one of the craftsmen who help maintain the crafts which were needed to maintain a farm.


Gaspereau Valley Fibres

One of our side trips in NS was to  Gaspereau Valley Fibre , a mecca for spinners, weavers and knitters, not to mention photographers. Here is the link for more information.




Probing While Walking

Someone who walks with me needs a lot of patience because I am always stopping to look at things trying to photograph them in a way that somehow works, at least for me. Image balance and composition are two items that are critical for me. They differ for  each photographer which yields great variations in what people see, even when looking at the same thing._dsc5709_dsc4036_dsc4030_dsc5713_dsc5374-1_dsc5323_dsc4027_dsc4023_dsc4024


The Lobsterman’s World

All around Lunenburg there are small coves which house a few lobstering boats and associated buildings. This group of photographs represents a long look at such a cove. The building, boats. shapes and colors are what attracted me.


Ross Farm Museum

Among the gems near Lunenburg is the Ross Farm Museum which accurately portrays farm life in the 1800’s. It is beautiful as well as educational. Here is alink for more information,,


Colors of Lunenburg

I think I am almost finished looking at  and sharing Lunenburg. I love the colors and textures of the first three images. The fourth is just fun. The last image intrigues me with the geometrics and colors.