Leaf on Hand

Al, I and Sam Wang got together and wandered around the old Pendleton Oil Mill and Sam found a great leaf in early fall color which he encouraged me to photograph, which I did. The first image is my original interpretation of the leaf. The second is Sam’s and the third is my slight reinterpretation of Sam’s interpretation.¬† It is great fun shooting with friends.

SamHandbrown leaf3165SamHandbrown-leaf3164SamHandbrown leaf3165 copy@1,25x

Three Recents

The first two images are from a wander with Al. The horse and sheep are fun to look at. The pine cone and needles seems to me to be an interesting subject which is challenging to get just so and I am not sure I got it. The leaf on the forest floor is from a wander I took with Alice so as to escape staring at my monitor all day.