The Road to the Cloisters

One of my favorite day trips in NYC is made by taking theM4 which winds around from the east side across to the west side, up Broadway to the Cloisters. For the price of a bus ticket you get to see NYC’s most interesting areas. I have tried to capture some of the experience starting with waiting for the bus and ending with arrival  at the Cloisters.


Glendale Sequence

It is difficult to leave Glendale. Here is a group that seems to go well together. I see my friend Sam with his red shirt, backpack and tripod. His images work really well and you should check out his portfolio In this set the beauty of the old buildings is enhanced by the slightly faded graffiti.

Glendale Mill with Sam-5341Glendale Mill with Sam-5346Glendale Mill with Sam-5340Glendale Mill with Sam-5350