Museum of International Folk Art

Back to New Mexico to the Museum off International Folk Art (, a place where days can be spent studying the world(s) of folk art. The building and the art is inspirational. There will probably be more images to come

New MexicoInternational folk ArtMuseum09182018 (11)New MexicoInternational folk ArtMuseum09182018 (15)New MexicoInternational folk ArtMuseum09182018 (16)New MexicoInternational folk ArtMuseum09182018 (32)New MexicoInternational folk ArtMuseum09182018 (38)New MexicoInternational folk ArtMuseum09182018 (40)

An Old Home Place

A few days ago Alice and I found an old house but I forgot to put a memory card in my camera but the light was lousy, so nothing lost. The second time I was more careful and here are some of the images. The old home and surrounding property is magical.

There were more things to see but they are for next time.

TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (7)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (3)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (55)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (94)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (39)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (69)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (109)

Glorieta, NM

Glorieta (,_New_Mexico ) is one of those small but intense gems that can be found in many places but the ones I have found in New Mexico intrigue me the most. The buildings with their earth tones and the blue skies as well as the kind of remoteness all add up to something special.

New MexicoGlorietta09242018New MexicoGlorietta09242018 (164)New MexicoGlorietta09242018 (20)New MexicoGlorietta09242018 (107)New MexicoGlorietta09242018 (70)

Pecos Mission Cathedral and Surroundings

The original mission church was quite large and even what remains is impressive as is the surrounding old building sites and landscape.

New MexicotripPecosMpnument09202018 (214)New MexicotripPecosMpnument09202018 (227)New MexicotripPecosMpnument09202018 (29)New MexicotripPecosMpnument09202018 (92)New MexicotripPecosMpnument09202018 (232)New MexicotripCerillos09192018 (22)New MexicotripCerillos09192018 (29)New MexicotripPecosMpnument09202018 (364)

Old Business Site

Old business sites with their warehouses and offices cast great shadows and make one wonder about their histories. Many of These exist just outside of small towns and are little treasures which I feel the need to record/


Gilreath’s Mill

I pass Gilreath’s Mill a lot in traveling around my area and it is another magical place for me.  Here is an historical link,

_DSF5953_DSF5997_DSF5947Pictures Q3 2014_DSF5948_DSF6004

Oil Mill Revisited

I always find it worthwhile to revisit places I like, whether by looking at old pictures or making new ones.

Trip with AlJohn Acorn's House and StudioSC30022 Trip with AlJohn Acorn's House and StudioSC2963Trip with AlJohn Acorn's House and StudioSC2960Trip with AlJohn Acorn's House and StudioSC2953Trip with AlPendleton Oil MillSC2784Trip with AlPendleton Oil MillSC27722Trip with AlJohn Acorn's House and StudioSC2933

Florence Hotel

We just got back from the opening of Terry Dimond’s retrospective exhibit but first I want to share my impressions of our hotel, Hotel Florence, a truly great hotel. I will share the event itself over the next few days.

FlorenceMusrumTerry's Opening3205

FlorenceHotelTerry's Opening3007FlorenceHotelTerry's Opening3010FlorenceHotelTerry's Opening3043FlorenceHotelTerry's Opening3070FlorenceHotelTerry's Opening3052

The Peace Center, Greenville, SC

The Peace Center is one of downtown’s gems visually and the performances there are well-worth attending.


Biltmore Flowers

I love these images of amazing orange lilies. I enjoy looking at several views of flowers because each one has a different emotional content for me.


Biltmore Estate

Here are a few views of the conservatory at the Bilttmore Estate.These remind me of oldr styles of photography which I hope I am honoring.


The Old Guys

A bit off the beaten path we found two defunct distilleries, The Old Taylor and Old Crow, the former being renovated and the latter said to bee slated for renovation. Here is my first set of images from this jaunt and are from The Old Taylor..



Almost at the End of the Bourbon Trail

There will be a few more posts of the Bourbon Trail and Frankfort, so I will have to start photographing again.