I saw some things on the way to the Gunter Theater that I was compelled to photograph. When I looked at them in Photoshop I realized that they worked for me as well in color as black and white, or, maybe, the other way around. In both images, the color has a certain interest for the color itself and the black and white brings out the patterning and rhythms of the images.



Part of the West End Neighborhood

The other day I went shooting with the husband of one of my wife’s weaving students. The ladies were busy at the loom and we rode around in the early Greenville chill. We wound up in Greenville’s West End which always has interest for me. The white church is one place I frequently return to. Within a block is a group of old commercial building which I cannot pass up.West End Old BuildingsBuildings-6969 West End Old BuildingsBuildings-6951-2 West End Old BuildingsBuildings-6957-2 West End Old BuildingsBuildings-6946-EditWest End Old BuildingsBuildings-6949

After the Pepsi Corner

The first few px are still from the Pepsi Corner area. My attraction to this type of building is based on the overall patterns, colors as well as details, all of which I am trying to represent. The black and white images seem to more clearly define structure and texture but the colors are also interesting. I enjoy looking at the subtle organization of the storefronts as seen from the same general area but each seen from a slightly different viewpoint.untitled shoot-9280034 _9280036untitled shoot-9280068-Edit untitled shoot-9280068-Edit-2untitled shoot-9280055-Edit untitled shoot-9280059-2