The Old House Revisited

The old house that Alice and I found caught my eye again as I was looking through sone of nay more recent files and I found some images that appealed to me.

TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (28)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (78)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (45)

The Old House and Bud’s

Why do I return to places like the old house ? When I turn on my computer I look for images that still appeal to me and the old house and Bud’s Village Shop just keep calling, so here they are. I think that black and white serves to bring out the shapes and textures as well as being a bit more intense. In this set, color, while pleasing, is a distraction for me.

TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (32)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (34)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (80)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (140)TripAliceOld Houseflag10212018 (128)

Farm Views

If we get far enough out of town the rewards of older working farms are great. I enjoy the colors of some of the subjects as well as the farm implements.

farm buildingstripAltrip07062018 (2)farm buildingstripAltrip07062018 (25)farm buildingstripAltrip07062018 (16)

Waco Grain Mill, Waco, NC

Yesterday, Al and I revsited Waco, NC and its grain mill, which may no longer be active.The shapes the structures and the sense of history around the place completely captured my attention.

Waco MilltripAltrip07062018 (21)Waco MilltripAltrip07062018 (5)Waco MilltripAltrip07062018 (1)Waco MilltripAltrip07062018 (8)Waco MilltripAltrip07062018 (4)Waco MilltripAltrip07062018 (17)


Out in the Country, Again

Al and I drove around out in the country and found this great old, small house in a field. These are getting fewer and further between. Photographing or painting them may be the only way to preserve them.

bwTrip,Alcountryold buildings323Trip,Alcountryold buildings315Trip,Alcountryold buildings314Trip,Alcountryold buildings,flowers377

Out in the Country

Al and I were riding out in the country near Newberry, SC. The countryside is amazing in the fall with perfect light and great color.A bonus was when the engineer stopped to chat with us.


Beechwood Farm, Viewpoints and Interpretations

Last week Al and I rode around and found Beechwood Farms. It is intriguing during the fallow time with bare trees and resting fields.The black and white image has an interesting feel to it and the color has delicious winter colors.