Clinton, SC, Again

I am looking through some fairly recent images and found the Clinton images which I want to share. There is a visual beauty  in the older buildings on the main street, a historical echo in the US flag and Confederate memorial stylus with the intense sky in the background. The side streets and alleys are always have interesting images.

Clinto SCShhotQl030320164926Clinto SCShhotQl030320164894Clinto SCShhotQl030320164914Clinto SCShhotQl030320164954Clinto SCShhotQl030320164957Clinto SCShhotQl0303201649631200


Here are images that while very different from each other are very similar and I am not sure why, it is just something I feel. Maybe it is the parallel lines running from top to bottom, maybe it is the colors, maybe, maybe, maybe. That is one is so great about photography and any other art form.

GreenvilleWilson's Store07052016 (8)GreenvilleWilson's Store07052016 (10)_IMG4122