Clinton, SC, Again

I am looking through some fairly recent images and found the Clinton images which I want to share. There is a visual beauty  in the older buildings on the main street, a historical echo in the US flag and Confederate memorial stylus with the intense sky in the background. The side streets and alleys are always have interesting images.

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San Francisco Memories

A few years ago we made a trip to San Francisco and I like to revisit that trip and look at the images. I always manage to find a few that I finally figured out how to make do what I wanted them to do for me. I also feel that there is a relationship between these three.There will be more to come.




After taking a photograph through the window (again),The view out the window seems to have lots of variations in light from specular highlights and numerous gradations from grey to black. Across the street was a fitness center where a few hardy souls were on the machines. we walked down the street to a bar and soaked up the local color in the bar.