One of the many great things about photography  is that you can revisit old favorites provided you can find them again an hour or less. Since I am playing with my New Mexico trip my pictures are still available in seconds, not hours. I feel no compulsion about hopping from place to place in this journey as well as revisiting place to find new images.


New MexicoCerrillos09252018 (123)New MexicoCerrillos09252018 (136)New MexicoCerrillos09252018 (146) copy@1,25xNew MexicoCerrillos09252018 (183)New MexicoCerrillos09252018 (191)

Glorieta, NM

Glorieta ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glorieta,_New_Mexico ) is one of those small but intense gems that can be found in many places but the ones I have found in New Mexico intrigue me the most. The buildings with their earth tones and the blue skies as well as the kind of remoteness all add up to something special.

New MexicoGlorietta09242018New MexicoGlorietta09242018 (164)New MexicoGlorietta09242018 (20)New MexicoGlorietta09242018 (107)New MexicoGlorietta09242018 (70)

Lunenburg Area Churches

The churches in and around Lunenburg  have a unique architecture which caught my eye. The combination of simplicity plus a sort of Gothic ornamentation is a pleasure to look at.


Baker Memorial United Methodist Church

The Baker Memorial Methodist Church is one focal point of the life of St. Charles, Illinois. It appears to me that the architecture is a modern interpretation of Gothic style.These picutres are from a morning walk around the church with friends Ray and Scott.

Convergence 2016St. CharlesChurch and Park06172016 (130)Convergence 2016St. CharlesChurch and Park06172016 (102)Convergence 2016St. CharlesChurch and Park06172016 (128)Convergence 2016St. CharlesChurch and Park06172016 (97)Convergence 2016St. CharlesChurch and Park06172016 (121)Convergence 2016St. CharlesChurch and Park06172016 (98)Convergence 2016St. CharlesChurch and Park06172016 (78)




Belmont Abbey College

I keep driving past Belmont Abbey College on the way to Charlotte, NC and can see the spires of the campus church form the highway and last time up we decided to stop and take a look. The campus and church are beautiful with trees, flowers and a very neat church. Jere is a quick, painless wald from a parking lot to the church.

Belmont AbbeyChurchMagnolias06042016 (6)Belmont AbbeyChurchMagnolias06042016 (11)Belmont AbbeyChurchMagnolias06042016 (31)Belmont AbbeyChurchMagnolias06042016 (33)

The Cloisters

Now that we are at the Cloisters, let’s enter and wander around the courtyards, one of my favorite areas. Fortunately the sky was was clear blue with a few nice clouds, which changed a bit later._IMG1513_IMG1527_IMG1537_IMG1532_IMG1518_IMG1548_IMG1515_IMG1544_IMG1523

Walking Zoom

I saw the True Gospel Life Church in Union, SC from the street and isolated various views by walking into the scene (shoe zoom) which gives me a totally different image, the final one being the one I like best (but up for discussiion).

Trip to Buffalo MillAlice121820156036Trip to Buffalo MillAlice121820156032Trip to Buffalo MillAlice121820156029


The Rambles

I have been looking through files for some specific images and got side tracked, just like when I ride around looking for things to photograph and the countryside in South Carolina is full of things that might seem strange to outsiders but we love.

L1002794-Edit (1).jpgShoot with Al and Jim, Owings_Grey Court-078Shoot with Al and Jim, Owings_Grey Court-085-Edit

Mission San Delores and Basilica

Our last big visit in SF was to the Mission and Basilica San Dolores. The mission building is the oldest building in California, built in 1776 and the last remaining mission building in the 21 mission group of missions created in California by Father Junipero Serra. The old mission and cemetery are beautiful and the basilica is fairly simple (for a basilica) but elegant. While there we were treated to an impromptu concert from the organist rehearsing what was probably Bach’s organ music.

_DSC4537_DSC4390-2 _DSC4384-2_DSC4398-2_DSC4415_DSC4368-2_DSC4481_DSC4507