Lunenberg Revisited

One of the many joys of photography has to do with memory. Most of us shoot images for many reasons and one of my major reasons is to remember places I have visited and to which I have responded. I go back to review and remember. Some photos appeal to me more than when I first looked at them and others can be better edited because I have gained some new skills. For those few who follow this blog who may not be photographers, “Try it, you’ll like it!”


The Lobsterman’s World

All around Lunenburg there are small coves which house a few lobstering boats and associated buildings. This group of photographs represents a long look at such a cove. The building, boats. shapes and colors are what attracted me.



We spent a good bit of time just riding around and stopping to take pictures and on this particular wander we found a defunct fish processing plant, I suspect it was a lobster processing plant.  After shooting the building we wandered to the shore where i did a number of shots of a boat bobbing tied to the buoy.