Arrowmont Ceramics Class

I decided not to identify the instructors of the various studios I visited but here is a link to the current Arrowmont catalogue  so you can figure out who is teaching what. Have fun and enjoy.,

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In the Arrowmont Studios

Taking a class at Arrowmont is almost a must for anyone  who devotes time to making or looking at art. The experience is fun, enlightening and helps to raise an awareness of how ones surroundings can be a source of inspiration.

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Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

Last week Alice and I were at the Arrowmont School in Gatlinburg, TN. The school is a great place to learn new crafts or brush up on things one already knows how to do. I attended the evening lecture/slide shows presented by the instructors and their assistants during which they showed their work and discussed the the origins of the work. I found the work and the discussions very stimulated for my own work.

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