Central Roller Mill, Central, SC

This is one our favorite places to photograph. It is on National Register of Historic Places and is the only extant, complete roller mill of its type remaining in SC.

TripAlCentral Roller Mill2409TripAlCentral Roller Mill2373TripAlCentral Roller Mill2402BWTripAlCentral Roller Mill2378TripAlCentral Roller Mill2378TripAlCentral Roller Mill2445B Roller Mill2448

The Cabin Life

The gentleman that owns the Sign Barn in Pickens, SC built/restored an example of a time gone by in our part of the country and I think he did a great job. He uses the cabin as a place to sort of unwind.


The Home Place

This old house and it’s outbuilding is why Al and I ride for hours out in the country. For me this image set represents a way of life which is mostly gone with only ghosts remaining.


Brattonsville 2

The afternoon light in the fall on a blue sky day is so pure for me and makes great shadows.It helps capture the landscape and buildings.


Historic Brattonsville

South Carolina has many historic sites and this is one of the more important ones. The late fall is a great time to visit with the trees having either lost their leaves or are carrying golden leaves .Here is a link which gives a good description of the place and its history, http://chmuseums.org/battle-of-hucks-defeat-hb/. A;so check out http://www.chmuseums.org/history-hb/



Bowen’s Mill, South Carolina

Every morning, when I sit down to work, I look through some slightly older pictures to see what I can learn from them. This is a set from Bowen’s Mill, an historic site near Easley, SC. The old building is lovely in its special way. I find that fairly careful exploration of a place yields a certain pleasure to me.



The Sign Barn, Pickens Co., SC

The sign ban is an old barn with an amazing collection of old metal signs thatthe owner of the barn has been collecting for years. He is a fount of historical information of the region which he freely shares.


The Cloisters, Some Artifacts

The religious artifacts in the Cloisters collection are wonderful works of art. One can cruise through for a quick round of enjoyment or stand in front of one piece for hours. Either way is good.

NYCThe CloistersAlice04062016 (51)NYCThe CloistersAlice04062016 (45)NYCThe CloistersAlice04062016 (40)NYCThe CloistersAlice04062016 (39)NYCThe CloistersAlice04062016 (42)NYCThe CloistersAlice04062016 (55)NYCThe CloistersAlice04062016 (52)NYCThe CloistersAlice04062016 (48)NYCThe CloistersAlice04062016 (47)

More Spaces

I am still looking through some of my pictures from a year or two ago to discover more images that fit into my spaces project. This set is part of our trip by riverboat down the Mississippi with Road Scholars. Monuments and plantations always have spaces that intrigue me.

Road Scholar Steamboat Trip Memphis to New Orleans-103Road Scholar Steamboat Trip Memphis to New Orleans-64Nottaway White Room-121437Nottaway DocentRoad Scholar Steamboat Trip Memphis to New Orleans-56

Marshall, NC

A friend of mine suggested that I check out Marshall, NC. It is a mountain town along the French Broad River. One of the features on the main street is an old caboose. I was struck by the details of the caboose as well as the color.

Marshall, NCOld Mill Reague013020162952Marshall, NCOld Mill Reague013020162966Marshall, NCOld Mill Reague013020162971Marshall, NCOld Mill Reague013020162983Marshall, NCOld Mill Reague013020162961

A Go Car from Mopar

Today our OLLI at Furman class of car enthusiasts¬† visited a local restorer’s workshop and here are some images of one of my favorite cars. It needs no introduction to those who are interested in such things.

Hennie JacobsCar CollectionOLLI Trop011920162014Hennie JacobsCar CollectionOLLI Trop011920161837Hennie JacobsCar CollectionOLLI Trop011920162019Hennie JacobsCar CollectionOLLI Trop011920161841

Waterloo, SC

Waterloo, SC is a tiny town near Laurens, SC and it appears to be fading into history. I am glad the old bank has not yet disappeared because I find it beautiful in its sad way, a memory of a more prosperous time.

Waterloo SC with Alice-2409-2Waterloo SC with Alice-2419-Edit-Edit-2-EditWaterloo SC with Alice-2425-EditWaterloo SC with Alice-2424-Edit