Historic Brattonsville

South Carolina has many historic sites and this is one of the more important ones. The late fall is a great time to visit with the trees having either lost their leaves or are carrying golden leaves .Here is a link which gives a good description of the place and its history, http://chmuseums.org/battle-of-hucks-defeat-hb/. A;so check out http://www.chmuseums.org/history-hb/



Bowen’s Mill, South Carolina

Every morning, when I sit down to work, I look through some slightly older pictures to see what I can learn from them. This is a set from Bowen’s Mill, an historic site near Easley, SC. The old building is lovely in its special way. I find that fairly careful exploration of a place yields a certain pleasure to me.



More Spaces

I am still looking through some of my pictures from a year or two ago to discover more images that fit into my spaces project. This set is part of our trip by riverboat down the Mississippi with Road Scholars. Monuments and plantations always have spaces that intrigue me.

Road Scholar Steamboat Trip Memphis to New Orleans-103Road Scholar Steamboat Trip Memphis to New Orleans-64Nottaway White Room-121437Nottaway DocentRoad Scholar Steamboat Trip Memphis to New Orleans-56