Glorieta, NM

Glorieta (,_New_Mexico ) is one of those small but intense gems that can be found in many places but the ones I have found in New Mexico intrigue me the most. The buildings with their earth tones and the blue skies as well as the kind of remoteness all add up to something special.

New MexicoGlorietta09242018New MexicoGlorietta09242018 (164)New MexicoGlorietta09242018 (20)New MexicoGlorietta09242018 (107)New MexicoGlorietta09242018 (70)

1 thought on “Glorieta, NM

  1. THANKS, BRUCE I enjoy your descriptions because they’re so insightful. You nailed the mood of these NM pix. The long-views of the state park were most appealing to me. And of course, always the geometric patterns.

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