Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

Last week Alice and I were at the Arrowmont School in Gatlinburg, TN. The school is a great place to learn new crafts or brush up on things one already knows how to do. I attended the evening lecture/slide shows presented by the instructors and their assistants during which they showed their work and discussed the the origins of the work. I found the work and the discussions very stimulated for my own work.

ArrowmontGatlinburg08022018 (155)mArrowmont campusGatlinburg07292018 (46)ArrowmontGatlinburg07292018 (7)ArrowmontGatlinburg07292018 (2)Arrowmont campusGatlinburg07292018 (47)Arrowmont campusGatlinburg07292018 (51)

3 thoughts on “Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

  1. Like the shot of the woman doing the loom work and the one of the spools of thread. My likes reflect my personal preferences and prejudices, As always, the shots are spot on for their crispness, color, and lighting.

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